Two Years to Fight for a Fair Trial and Verdict for Huang Qingnan and Shenzhen Worker Centre, China

Worker Empowerment  E-newsletter issue 12/2009
30thDecember, 2009
Two Years to Fight for a Fair Trial and Verdict for Huang Qingnan and Shenzhen Worker Centre, China


It has been two years since China labor activist Huang Qingnan almost lost his leg to an attack on 20 November 2007. The founder person of the Dagongzhe Migrant Worker Centre (hereafter DGZ) in Shenzhen China was attacked in broad daylight for his work educating migrant workers about their labor rights.

It has been two years to fight for a fair trial and verdict for Huang Qingnan and DGZ with the persistent support from the general public and various international groups in condemning the violent attacks, endorsing the statement, writing letters, donating to and visiting DGZ and Huang Qingnan. All of the solidarity has made it possible for DGZ and Huang Qingnan to go through the most difficult period. However, in the past 2 years, the situation on DGZ and Huang Qingnan has still been tough.

The result of the second verdict on Huang Qingnan was still disappointing. In July 2009, the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court gave a lenient punishment on the murderer and the master mind while refused to recognize Huang Qingnan’s condition as the level 6 disability as the first verdict. The murderer and the master mind were reduced their penalties from 5-years imprisonment to 4-years imprisonment, 5-year imprisonment to 4-years imprisonment respectively. One of the criminals had been released in August. Based on the excuse that the disability identifications on Huang were invalid, the court only ruled the compensation claims on the medical and several minor expenditures on Huang Qingnan with a lump sum of RMB96,869.89. The disability compensation, cost on disability-aid tools, living subsidesand psychological damages were dismissed. Six months have gone by, however, Huang is yet to receive the compensation.

In August 2009, DGZ and Huang Qingnan were constantly under various kinds of harassment by unknown people. Huang Qingnan’s vehicle was deliberately punctured while he was out for work. On the same day, two notices displayedat DGZ were torn off by unknown persons. DGZ urgently decided Huang Qingnan to withdraw from the frontline duties in Shenzhen to protect his personal safety, while DGZ continues to struggle for daily labour services. DGZ reported these intimidations to the local Police and the Authorities but received no reply at all. Since then DGZ has been receiving sexual harassing phone calls by unknown males.

In September 2009, Huang’s appeal to the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court for retrial was rejected. It then puts the case in deadlock. According to the second verdict, the master mind will be released in the coming January. Early this August, DGZ was told the master mind has spent 1 million and got released.

Worker Empowerment believes the rejection of Huang’s level 6 disability certification is violating the legal regulations and provisions. The continuous intimidations towards DGZ demonstrates the ineffectiveness of theChinese laws and its implementation in protecting the most in need. In contrast, they are helplessly exposing to violence.

Worker Empowerment will continue the fight for social and legal justice for Huang Qingnan and the working people in China. In this regards, Worker Empowerment would like to urge friends, brothers and sisters of international community for continuous support.

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