How does WE work ?

WE works mainly by developing supportive partnership with local community-based worker centers in mainland China, to empower and strengthen workers by:

  1. Information provision on labour rights;
  2. Publication of labour bulletin;
  3. Forming workers* mutual groups;
  4. Facilitation of discussion about labour issues among workers;
  5. Conducting research related to labour right, employment, join hand with academic intuitions;
  6. Response to labour-related consultation by the Government;
  7. Skill training and capacity building activities.

WE also provide labour right education programme: pre-departure and arrival training, throughout the process of worker migration.

Community Approach

  • WE works closely with community worker centres in Southern China though mutual partnership.
  • WE provides training and advise in various different aspects, including labour right awareness, organization skill, capacity building, networking, advocacy tactics, funding application and operational skill, etc.
  • At the same time, the local worker centres build up wide and well recognized network with migrant workers though reliable information provision of labour rights and worker-based programmes.

Workers Involvement

  • WE values worker involvement in the community worker centres.
  • Workers are actively participates in the daily programme of WE*s partner centres. For example, we involved trained workers to provide peer-to-peer Labour Law consultation to others workers. Their experience and worker-oriented perspective set up example to encourage workers to act positively and actively.
  • Most of the crew of WE*s partner centres are former workers in the community and participated in the centre as volunteers and trained workers for a long time. The affinity and relevant experiential knowledge enhance close relationship with the workers in the community.
  • Workers volunteering in WE*s partner centres structurally involved in the organization of centres by regular meeting and joining the planning of activities.